Before you buy a leash-PLEASE READ!
It is believed by some that leashes, of any sort, can be hazardous, even deadly to your pet Glider.
With regular leashes, the kind made from braided embroidery thread that form a loop and slip over
the gliders neck, it is very difficult to tell whether the loop is too tight or not tight enough. If they
aren't tight enough and you're out doors your pet may slip away, and even worse, if its too tight you
can suffocate your pet or damage its windpipe. Strings of any kind are deadly to gliders any way.
You should never let your glider near yarn, rope, or even toys with strings. I have personally know
someone who lost a glider to the strings on a children's toy. These things can be prevented with
some extra caution and good information.

If left unattended,  a leash can be deadly. Harnesses seem like the wise alternative, but again, it is
believed by some, that these can damage the gliding membranes. Since the harness restricts the
gliding membrane, it is thought that if they jump(and they will) they could tear or rip them in some
way. This has never happened with any of my gliders, personally, but I am not a veterinarian or
scientist, so I don't know whether this is true or not, but since it very well could be you need to
know and take that into consideration. We encourage and recommend using patience, trust, and
time to train your glider to stay with you. It is not necessary to purchase a leash to accomplish this.
Bonding pouches can sometimes help the process. However, if you must have a leash, use it
sparingly or just temporarily. I believe that, all in all, of the two, the harness is the safer way to go.
So, I have personally designed an original glider harness, exclusive to Eclectic

Designed to be more like larger small pet harnesses, instead of the figure 8 string style associated
with gliders. It features velcro closures, to make putting on and taking off quicker and safer, and
includes a matching detachable leash. Since it's wider than string, it should be less likely to tear or
rip anything, and the theory is, that since the gliders are more aware that it is there, hopefully they
will be less likely to fully extend their gliding membranes. Regardless, you should never leave your
glider unattended with any leash or harness. Never leave any harness or collar on a glider while it's
in its cage, not even for a second, or it could mean the loss of a loved one. And, if possible, skip the
leash all together and just take your glider out and put it on your shoulder. When it jumps off, just
keep putting it back until it figures out to stay there.
Designed just for
Sugar Gliders!
An Eclectic Pets original
Never leave a glider unattended with
any leash, collar, or harness!!!
Same harness shown
on both adult glider
and  baby glider.
Blue or Pink Velvet
Purple flowers, cupcakes,
black/pink polka dot

All harnesses
Glider Harness      
Add a little jingle to
your suggies harness!

Tiny silver bells come
two in a pack on rings for
easy attachment.
Harness Bells      $3.00
Pink Stitch, Orange Stitch,
Yellow/Green with Blue polka dot
Paw prints, Soccer balls, Footballs
Black & Red Velvet
Blue stitch, Orange Gingham, Purple/Green
with Yellow polka dot & Ladybugs
Pink polka dots, Yellow polka dots, White
with purple & green polka dots, & White with
brown & blue polka dots
Crystal Necklace     

For the super spoiled
suggie, we are proud to
offer you a gorgeous
crystal necklace that is
easy to put on and take
off, as well as being safe,
thanks to its magnetic
Fashion Collar     $6.00
Fashion Collars!

We are excited to now offer fashion collars
available in all the colors of our harnesses.
They feature the same safe velcro closures as
our popular harnesses do and come with
your choice of either one large round or
emerald shaped rhinestone or a 3 set of
round rhinestones in your color choice of red,
green, pink, yellow, blue, clear, & purple.
Enter your collar color, rhinestone #
choice and color in the instructions to
seller at checkout
Add some SPARKLE to your
suggies harness!

Acrylic rhinestones come in your
choice of colors:
red, green,
clear, purple, yellow, pink,
and blue
. You can choose 1 large
round stone, 1 large emerald
stone, or a 3 set featuring one
medium and two small round
stones. They will be placed so that
they sit on the collar piece of the
Enter your choices in
the instructions to seller at
Harness Rhinestones     
Please note that all velvet harnesses
are now either satin or regular
material. We do still have some velvet
left in black.